Texas gun company Trackpoint have announced that their new "Smart Rifle"; a rifle system that assists users in being able to hit a target from 1,000 yards away. Though this doesn't allow for anonymous purchase; as an FBI background check is still involved, it does take our world one step closer to becoming not just one of digital currency but also another step closer to William Gibsons cyberpunk genre becoming a reality instead of fantasy.

It's hard to believe that idea, but thinking back even a couple years ago many would be stunned at the idea that you could use a digital currency, mined up from the internet and be able to purchase a high powered rifle capable of making the perfect shot for you.

Now this isn't a call for everyone to become enamoured with crypto currency, high powered rifles, or even the inevitable joy of robotic laser eyes (probably coming out of some strange oculus rift/facebook/ evil laser corporation hybrid); but it does put into perspective just how rapidly our technological world is changing if not for the better, at least in a way out inner 90's children would probably find very cool.

(Info found via CNN money)