Ever wondered what one of the rarest NES cartridges ever looked like? Well you can see a nice photo of it on eBay as a former Nintendo employee has decided to auction off his factory sealed copy of the game Stadium events.

It's believed only two hundred copy's of the game ever made it into people's hands before the rest were recalled and destroyed by Nintendo, which has led to it becoming one of the rarest pieces of Nintendo history a collector can own.

Though this may be the best condition copy of the game to ever make it onto eBay, In 2013 there was a copy that had a bit of a better story backing it up, having been discovered in a Goodwill and purchased for $7.99, and later being sold off for thousands.

If you want your chance to own a piece of Nintendo history you may be emptying your wallet though, as one day into the auction the game has already reached $21,000